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 Tracing and measuring dispersion and contamination




FLUODUST is a range of tracing powders that are fluorescent under UV with a unique formulation! The powders are biodegradable, are coloured or colourless, are micronized and highly volatile. The FLUODUST line is recommended for use in industrial filtration and for dispersion and contamination measurements.




- Leak tightness inspection of filtration bags and pockets in industrial environments
- Measuring filtering capacity
- Measuring dispersion and contamination in environmental settings
- Measuring and simulating contamination in industrial environments
- Fluorescent marking for powdered industrial products (customisable formulation)




Bright and fluorescent with high contrast under UV light (365 nm)
Micronized formulation for high-precision visual diagnosis
Non-caking formulation (low hygroscopic power) for optimal dispersion


IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The leak test for industrial air filtration:
It is essential to perform a fluorescent powder test when conducting installation tests for a new set of filtration bags and pockets or when locating leaks after detecting dust emission peaks.

FLUODUST can be used to validate the proper functioning of the installation in a few minutes. It also detects possible leaks by identifying the tube that needs to be replaced whilst keeping the remainder of the system operational.

FLUODUST is an excellent preventive tool for new installations, meaning you can get things going without any nasty surprises.

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: simulating contamination in an industrial environment
The FLUODUST range is used for training and maintenance in industry and hospitals. It is a good educational tool for highlighting and simulating contamination. The fluorescence under ultra-violet light is a formidable tool for raising awareness about contamination, the rules of basic hygiene, the proper application of protocols and the basic techniques of cleaning.




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